2014 Upper Division Game Schedules

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Red card report

(September 10, 2014) The 2014 Upper Division schedules for the first three games (four games for BU16) have now been published.


Please check back regularly. We are already aware that the BU16 games on September 27 at Beverly Hills High School will have to be rescheduled due to the loss of the field that day.

Please note - the first three games are practice games and do not count for points. (In BU16, because there are an odd number of teams, the first four games played by each team are practice games.) We are working on the schedule for the rest of the season.

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2014 Season Notes


Coaches in InLeague Regions (20, 70, 76, 78 and 1595):

You do not need to enter player information into your rosters. Your region will have assigned your players. You do need to print out your rosters - log in, go to Coaches, Team Rosters & Admin and you can print them out. Make sure you enter your team's colors and uniform numbers. You can also print out line-up cards.

Coaches in Other Regions (19, 69, 514, 1031 and 1567):

Log in and complete your team info and rosters, before the Annual Upper Division meeting if possible.  Instructions for doing this and also for printing out line-up cards are available here (Adobe pdf format). Make sure you enter your team's colors and uniform numbers.

All Coaches

The Annual Upper Division pre-season meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 10, 2014 at 6:30 p.m in the Garden Room at the Veterans Memorial Building, 4117 Overland Ave, Culver City, CA 90232. Please visit the documents page to download.

In all divisions, the first four games that each team plays do not count for points but deductions on account of red cards and other reasons (forfeits, coach ejections, etc.) will count.

2014 Upper Division rules are posted in Word and pdf formats. Area 1-P guidelines are also posted in Word and pdf formats

No one has a vested interest in these schedules.  Just because your team has been given a particular time,  that does not mean that we need your permission to change it.  The Area reserves the right to make scheduling changes for the benefit of the program as a whole.  This includes situations where a team would be severely depleted at the originally scheduled time.  Also, as all-powerful as we like to think ourselves, we do not control the weather or the people who grant and pull our field permits. Other issues arise during the season that may cause us to have to make schedule changes.

So long as we have one or more email addresses for a coach or other contact for a team, you will automatically receive a notification of schedule changes made less than one week before your game.  (This does not apply to schedule changes made before the Upper Division meeting on Wednesday September 10, 2014.) If we have to change the schedule after 6 pm on Wednesday evening before the weekend of your game, we will email you - we ask you to reply so that we don't have to call as well. ANY CHANGES MADE EARLIER THAN WEDNESDAY BEFORE YOUR GAME WILL NOT BE NOTIFIED - IT'S UP TO YOU TO CHECK THE SCHEDULE REGULARLY. Every year, we have teams whose coaches print out the schedule and never check it again - this is a recipe for missed games and forfeits. We will not reschedule forefeited games or waive points deductions for games missed because of a failure to check the

Teams are responsible for set-up and take down of fields if playing anywhere except Beverly Hills and West LA.

  • If you are participating at any other field and yours is the first game of the day, you may be responsible for setting up goals, nets and flags.
  • If you are participating in the last game of the day, you may be responsible for dismantling or moving goals and for putting away flags.
  • Points may be deducted for a team that fails to carry out its set-up/takedown responsibilities.



In general, we have twice as many fields available on Saturdays as on Sundays. Most teams will have 3 or 4 games on Saturdays and 8 or 9 games on Sundays.

October 4: Yom Kippur - no games

October 11 and November 8: SATs and ACTs take place on these dates. No games on October 11 and we will try to have games in the afternoon on November 8.

The first three games (four in BU16) are practice games and do not count for points. The next nine count for points and will determine placement and seeding in the playoffs.

Playoffs for U16 will begin on the weekend of November 8 and 9 (BU19) and 15 and 16 (other divisions).