Area 1-P Lower Division Playoffs - January 2019

You can view the League Champions schedules by field.

Here too are the referee schedules for the League Champions Playoffs and the All Star Playoffs

Here are the League and All Star Playoff Rules and Guidelines 2018-19 (pdf)

Also, here are the Coach Application and the Registration Checklist for January 8 meeting.

League Champions Playoffs All Star Playoffs
Schedule, Results
and Standings
Schedule, Results and Standings
BU14 GU14 BU14 GU14
BU12 GU12 BU12 GU12
BU10 GU10 BU10 GU10

No one has a vested interest in the schedules. Just because your team has been given a particular time, that does not mean that we need your permission to change it. We reserve the right to make scheduling changes for the benefit of the program as a whole. This includes situations where a team would be severely depleted at the originally scheduled time. Also, as all-powerful as we like to think ourselves, we do not control the weather or the people who grant and pull our field permits.

2018-9 Season Notes

Our Area now has ten regions. To accommodate this, in any division in which nine or ten regions send teams, either two or four teams will play a preliminary game to determine which will go on to play in the bracket of eight that play quarter finals. Some of these games are on weekdays in the evenings before the main playoff weekend. We believe that this was the simplest way of keeping the League Champions Playoffs to a single week. IF YOUR LEAGUE CHAMPION TEAM IS SCHEDULED TO PLAY A PRELIMINARY ROUND GAME, MAKE SURE YOUR TEAM KNOWS ABOUT IT.

The teams chosen to play an extra game will be chosen at random.

In the 2017-18 All Star Playoffs:

  • In all divisions, every team plays four games against randomly chosen opponents. These games count for points according to the scoring system published in our rules. The teams will then be seeded in the elimination round of the playoffs according to where they placed in the standings. In any division with more than 8 teams, for the playoff weekend we will use the a preliminary game system similar to the one we do for the League Champions to get down to 8 teams in the quarterfinals, but the play in teams will be the lowest seeded teams (8th seed plays 9th seed and, if there are 10 teams, 7th seed plays 10th seed). In any division, where there are fewer than 8 teams, the highest place team(s) in the standings will have a bye on Saturday and will play in the semifinals on Sunday.
    • In both competitions:

      • teams are responsible for set-up and take down of fields at Culver City High School. Make sure you know if your game is the first or last of the day and be prepared to have volunteers available to help.
      • If you are participating at any field and yours is the first game of the day, you may be responsible for setting up goals, nets and flags.
      • If you are participating in the last game of the day, you may be responsible for dismantling or moving goals and for putting away flags.
      • Points may be deducted for an All Star team that fails to carry out its set-up/takedown responsibilities. We reserve the right to impose other sanctions.