Information for AYSO 1-P Referees

Upcoming Classes

-  All volunteers must first register or update their volunteer registration as AYSO volunteers for the current year.
-  All volunteers must complete SAFE Haven and Concussion Awareness online courses before officiating any games.
      Safe Haven,  ( AYSOU - MY Courses)
      CDC concussion training. ( AYSOU - MY Courses)

Intermediate and Advanced Classes

August 24 & 25, 2019:- Beverly Hills - More info
Signup for Referee Classes under "In-person Courses" on AYSOU

** Please join us for Area 1P's first ever Women's Regional Referee Course!! ** 
Sun., Aug. 18 9:15 am to 4:30 pm - La Cienega Park Community Center, 8400 Gregory Way Beverly Hills.
The course is open to all women (12 and above). No experience necessary.
Signup for Referee Classes under "In-person Courses" on AYSOU

Area 1-P Referee Schedules

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If you want to sign up for Area games, including Upper Division, Area 1-P Lower Division Regular Season, Area Playoffs and Extra games, you need to log in here.
All of these competitions are hosted on the Region 76 inLeague site and if you have not already done so, you will need to register as a user in Region 76.

When you log in to the site, choose "Referees" and then "Referee Schedule Signup". Make sure you choose the competition from the dropdown list on the top left.

Area 1-P Staff    
  Area Referee Administrator  Anthony Robinson
  Area Director of Instruction  Rebecca Weinreich
  Area Director of Assessment  Derek Fabian
  Upper Division / Area Schedulers
        (16U, 19U, Area Playoffs)
 Barry Moser
 Kevin Knopf
 Section 1 Staff    
  Section Referee Administrator  Rick Roberts 
  Section Director of Instruction  Al Prado
  Section Director of Assessment  Rich Fichtelman

New Law Changes for 2019/2020
  Download the OFFICIAL IFAB Laws of the Game app!

What you need to know re. Build-out Line for 9U and 10U - NEW Updated for 2019

 As part of their Player Development Initiatives, USSF has introduced the Build-out line (BOL) for 9U and 10U.

Here is a video explaining the new rules
(this is updated for 2019).