This page contains links to AYSO Area 1-P Documents.  Documents are in Microsoft Word or Excel or, in some cases, in Adobe Acrobat Reader (pdf) format.

Instructions for Coaches in Upper Division, All Star and League Champions Playoffs and Extra Program

Procedures for Coaches in non-inLeague Regions.

2018-19 League Champions and All Star Documents

2018 Upper Division Documents

  • Upper Division Rules 2018 - Word and PDF versions
  • Coaches in inLeague Regions (20, 70, 76 and 78): You do not need to enter player information into your rosters. Your region will have assigned your players. You do need to print out your rosters - log in, go to Coaches, Team Rosters & Admin and you can print them out. Please have the rosters signed by your Regional Commissioner. You can also print out line-up cards. Make sure you enter your team's colors and uniform numbers.
  • Coaches from other Regions (19, 69, 514, 1031, 1567, 1595 and 1647): Please log in here to complete your required team info and rosters.

Current Forms

Other Documents