AYSO Area 1-P
Schedules and Results for the 2000
Area Upper Division (U16 & U19) Play


Message from Webmaster 9/4/2001

2001 Season Schedules will be posted very soon


Playoffs Regular Season

 Playoff schedules are also available for download in a single Excel spreadsheet (updated 11/5/2000).

Semi-Finals, Championships and Consolation Games - Schedule and Results

BU19  Last updated 11/12/2000
GU19 Last updated 11/12/2000
BU16  Last updated 11/12/2000
GU16 Last updated 11/12/2000

Regular Season Playoffs

We have schedules arranged by division. These schedules were accurate at the time of posting. As there can be last minute changes that are not shown here, due to weather and other circumstances, if you are in any doubt as to the schedule please call 310-559-9278.

All four regular season schedules are available for download in a single file as an Excel spreadsheet.


Note:  Teams scheduled to play Wilshire BU16 Team 2 - your games will not take place and will be treated as byes

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