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Posted and accurate as of Friday, July 01, 2005 12:57 PM.

Wilshire B-U16(2) teams numbers 1 & 2 have merged into one team as of October 26 due to a severe lack of attendance on both teams. This new team will play as Wilshire team #1. There is no longer a Wilshire team #2. Therefore

All games either already completed or yet to be played with Wishire team #1, as well as all games already played with Wilshire team #2, will be scored as "Friendlies", and none of those games will be counted in the points totals.

In addition, all games starting with Oct. 28 that were to be played against Wilshire team #2 are now byes, and will not be played.

Games against Wilshire team #1 will still be played as scheduled.

This is the only way to allow those remaining Wilshire boys to continue playing while at the same time also being fair to all the other teams in pool #1 in terms of every team having played an identical set of players when playing against Wilshire team #1, and in pool #2 for some teams to have played Wilshire team #2 and either won or lost and other teams now having byes with no chance for any points.

The playoff schedules are also now available as a spreadsheet or on a separate page for this division.

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