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AYSO Area 1-P
1999 - 2000 SEASON

League Championship Tournament Guidelines


The tournament will be held on three (3) Saturdays, January 8, 15 and 22, 2000 (Jan. 29, Feb. 5, 6, & weeknights during the tournament are held as rain dates - if necessary, additional Saturdays and Sundays in Feb. may also be used). All regions / divisions will play on the first Saturday, with the winning teams of each game returning the next Saturday to play on. A detailed schedule by division is attached.


Single elimination format. The winner of each game will return the following week to play the winner of the game opposite them in the branch chart. Play will continue until a division champion is determined. Games will not end in a tie. If a tie exits at the end of regulation time then two (2) overtime periods will be played in their entirety. If the score is still tied, then kicks from the penalty mark will commence until a winner is determined. Winners of the championships may advance to the Section 1 tournament March 4.

Divisions U-14(3) and U-12(4) will play games of 11 players versus 11 players, Division U-10(5) will play games of 9 players versus 9 players.


The tournament will be conducted under AYSO National rules and regulations, Section 1 rules and regulations and Area 1-P tournament rules. (See all attached.) Any variations to these rules used by individual regions during the regular season are not in effect tournament wide. (Variations not in effect can include, but are not limited to, such things as 3/4 game play for every player, not having the same player as goal keeper the entire game, etc.) If your region requires your team to adhere to regional variations during area play, then that is for your team only. Also note, per national rules, no free substitution during overtime; substitution only at the start of overtime or between periods.


Division U-10(5): 25 min. / half, 50 min. total.

Division U-12(4): 30 min. / half, 60 min. total.

Division U-14(3): 35 min. / half, 70 min. total.


All games: 5 minute minimum - 10 minute maximum, referee's discretion.


Division U-10(5): 5 min. per period, 10 min. total, both periods played in their entirety.

Division U-12(4): 7 min. per period, 14 min. total, both periods played in their entirety.

Division U-14(3): 9 min. per period, 18 min. total, both periods played in their entirety.

Between the end of regulation play and the first overtime period: 3 min.

Between each overtime period and between overtime and shoot-out: 2 min.

These are not to be lengthy water and orange breaks or the schedule will fall behind.

Kicks from the penalty mark ("Shoot-out"):

15 minutes has been allocated.



Teams have ten (10) minutes from the scheduled start time to be ready with a minimum of seven (7) players, or a forfeit will be declared in the opposing team’s favor.


Each coach and his/her entire team needs to report for check-in with the field official 45 minutes before the start of every game. It is the coach's responsibility to report for the check-in; the field official will not track you down. If you forget and are late, the time will come off your game. At check-in the coach will be asked for a filled out line-up card and copies of each player's registration form. Failure to have a signed in ink registration form for every player will result in that player being ineligible to play. NO EXCEPTIONS! Line-up cards need to list all players on the team's roster, in uniform number order, with any absences noted and a reason stated. Each player will be checked for uniform correctness, shin guards and absence of all jewelry of any kind. (No earrings of any kind will be allowed for any reason. Friendship bracelets are at the referee's discretion.) Each player will also be asked one or more questions based on information appearing on his / her registration form, to insure that the player on the form is the player presented. Any attempt to present a player as being someone else or a "ringer", whether caught at check-in or anytime later, will result in the team forfeiting that game, the suspension of that player, and the suspension of the coach. Late arriving players still must be checked-in by the field official and verified. After check-in is completed any changing of uniforms will require a new check-in. Any changing of players is prohibited and will result in the team's forfeit of that game.


The rain-out phone number is 310-559-9278. If you are in doubt about the game being played, call. DO NOT ASSUME THAT BECAUSE IT IS RAINING AT YOUR HOUSE THAT THE GAMES ARE CANCELED. CALL AND CHECK. Do not forfeit because you made a wrong assumption. Entire rained out days will shift to the next weekend. PARTIAL RAIN-OUTS WILL PROBABLY BE PLAYED AT NIGHT DURING THE WEEK. You will be notified if this is necessary.


Remember that AYSO soccer should be fun for everyone. Respect the players, your opponents, their coaches and parents and most of all the referees. Offer the referees water and oranges at half-time and game's end. Anyone exhibiting unsporting behavior will be asked to leave the fields. Please pick-up all trash, we loose our permits for littered fields; we have no maids. NO DOGS OR OTHER PETS OF ANY KIND ARE ALLOWED AT THE FIELDS. NO EXCEPTIONS!


Parking at Webster Middle School is very limited! Try and carpool. Everyone must obey the parking attendants. Anyone found parking illegally or in violation of the parking attendants’ instructions WILL BE TOWED. Make sure your team and parents are aware of this.


Posted at the field and at the Area 1-P website. Also, by calling 310-837-9138 you can hear the results of the tournament. Scores will be posted here after approximately 7 p.m. game days. You may call this number 24 hours a day.


Eric "EZ" Zeehandelaar
Area 1-P Director
(Day & Eve) 310-559-9278
(Field phone) 310-962-3949

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