Welcome to the Heart of Youth Soccer in Los Angeles

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Area 1-P is one of the 11 areas in Section 1 of the American Youth Soccer Organization and consists of ten regions in the heart of Los Angeles:

These regions span the range from some of the oldest to the newest regions in the AYSO family. Nearly 13,000 players ages 3 through 18 participate in our programs, which are staffed and run entirely by volunteer coaches, referees and administrators. This page is a meeting place for our extended soccer family.

Referees: To sign up for Area games, please visit our referee page and then log in as directed there.

Here are the results of the Area League Champions Playoffs played over the weekend of January 9 and 10, 2016:

  • B14- 1st CC, 2nd SLA, 3rd SM, 4th BH
  • G14- 1st SLA, 2nd CC, 3rd SLA(WC), 4th WLA
  • B12- 1st WATTS, 2nd WLA, 3rd LAC, 4th HOL
  • G12- 1st SLA, 2nd SM, 3rd LAC, 4th PP
  • B10 - 1st WATTS, 2nd HOL, 3rd SLA, 4th SM
  • G10- 1st PP, 2nd SM, 3rd BH, 4th SLA
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